Walk Around Bingo

Walk Around Bingo CardThis is similar to normal bingo but is a bit more active. Instead of students crossing off answers when they get them, they have to find other people in the class who know the answers.

The aim is to fill up their bingo card with the names of people who can answer the questions – this will involve walking around and probably a bit of noise. The first person to fill their card (without duplicating, using their own name or the teacher’s name) wins.

You can then go through the answers. To involve as many people as possible I do this in a chain – I was the person who won which name they have in the top left box, then ask that person the question in the box. I then ask that student who they have in the next box along, and ask them the next question etc etc.┬áIf someone doesn’t have a name in a box you can just pick someone else who does – it’s good to try and keep everyone involved.

If you want to create bingo cards quickly and easily I’ve made a Bingo Card Generator that should help – I usually don’t randomize my cards for walk around bingo.

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