This requires a bit of prep, but it shouldn’t take long. Taboo belongs in the family of games that includes Pictionary and Charades – where the class has to guess what a student is trying to get across.

With Taboo you’re only allowed to talk (you can’t draw pictures or act things out), but there are certain words you’re not allowed to say – these are the “taboo words”. This is where the prep comes in – you need to prepare a load of cards with keywords and taboo words on. Examples could include:

Taboo Cards

Pick a student to start off – they come up to the front and take a card. They have to describe the keyword to the class while you look over their shoulder to check they’re not using any of the taboo words on the card. If they use a taboo word, or if nobody gets it, they have to draw another card.

The first person to guess the keyword correctly then comes up to have a go. Continue till you run out of cards…

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