This activity requires a small amount of advance preparation but it’s worth it. It’s based on the old TV game show with the same name. Split the class into two teams and choose one member of each team to come up to the board. The aim is to win hexagons by correctly guessing key words.

Blockbusters Board

The aim is to link one side of the board to the other with hexagons. A student from one group picks a letter, and they are then asked the question for that letter. If they get it right, they win the hexagon and their representative at the front colours the hexagon in for them.

To mimic the original show (not that any of the kids will know it), the questions are asked like this: “What ‘N’ is the name of a magnetic element?” (answer: nickel) or “What ‘CC’ can be damaged by a strong magnetic field?” (answer: credit card).

It’s best to write down all the keywords somewhere when you create the board – it’s easy enough to think up questions on-the-fly, but if you don’t write down the keywords themselves you might find yourself struggling to remember what keyword ‘F’ stood for. As you can see, the hexagon background I have been using is pretty poor – I’ve just created a slightly more attractive version – click the image to see it full size.

Blank Blockbusters Grid

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