Random Lesson Planner

This page should give you a random starter, main and plenary idea for a lesson. Most of the activities require minimal preparation, and whilst the examples I give are usually science related, the majority can be used in all subjects.
  • Starter: Tedious Link

    This is an adaptation of “Dave’s Tedious Link” from the Chris Moyles Show (watch this video if you, like me, don’t actually listen to Radio 1). The idea is for the kids to link together two things in the maximum … Continue reading

  • Main: Model Making

    If you buy into VAK Learning Styles (I don’t…) then this is one for your “Kinaesthetic” students. Get a load of materials (paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners, art straws, sellotape, etc), and get students to make a 3D model of whatever … Continue reading

  • Plenary: Taboo

    This requires a bit of prep, but it shouldn’t take long. Taboo belongs in the family of games that includes Pictionary and Charades – where the class has to guess what a student is trying to get across. With Taboo … Continue reading

To get a new set of ideas just refresh the page, or you can browse through all the starters, mains and plenaries individually. I'd be very grateful for more activity suggestions - if you have an idea you'd like to share please email it to random@mrgravell.com and I'll put it in the database.